Shaykh Abu Adnan

His Biography

Sheikh Abu Adnan is a descendent of the noble family of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wassallam. He is originally from Lebanon and currently residing in Sydney, Australia. Sheikh Abu Adnan has an ijaaza in the Quran. He has a Bachelor’s degree in ‘Islamic Studies and the Arabic Language’, graduating with a high distinction. He has also completed a Masters in ‘Islamic Judicature and Political Theory’ at The Al-Madinah International University, also graduating with a high distinction (GPA of 3.9/4). Sheikh Abu Adnan is the Imam and Khateeb at Masjid Imam Ahmad in Liverpool where he also setup the Arabic and Quran Colleges along side running an Islamic College offering a 2 year diploma course in Islamic Studies. He also helped set up the Islamic College of Australia.

As well as playing a lead role within the Sydney Muslim community he is heavily involved in presenting informative lectures on a regular basis to a variety of audiences. His efforts are recognised locally and internationally, Masha’Allah. He teaches many authentic Islamic courses concerning Aqeedah, Fiqh, Tafseer, Seerah, Hadeeth and Quranic Sciences.

May Allah preserve him.


  • Ijaaza of the Quran
  • Bachelor of Islamic Studies & the Arabic Language (High Distinction)
  • Masters in Islamic Judicature and Political Theory – AlMadinah International University (High Distinction)
  • Principal and founder of Islamic College, Arabic & Quran Colleges and Madrasah at MIA.
  • Imam and Khateeb at Masjid Imam Ahmad, Liverpool, Sydney, Australia.

10th Apr2016

Madarij Al-Salikeen | Sheikh Abu Adnan (Updated)

This monumental work was written based upon a book by Imam Abu Ismail al-Ansari al-Harawi in which he spoke about over a hundred stations that a believer can go through, all of these expounded upon by Imam Ibn al-Qayyim. Explained in English by Sheikh Abu Adnan.

27th Jul2015

Birds of A Feather Flock Together | by Sheikh Abu Adnan

Sheikh highlights the importance of taking a righteous companion especially among youth in modern age where a lot of fitnah and distraction is present to lead one's son, daughter, brother or sister astray.

08th May2015

Respect & Scholars | Shaykh Abu Adnan

Sheikh emphasizes on the reasons of difference of opinions among great scholars of our Ummah. Every scholar made an Ijtihad on a certain area, does not mean they wanted purposefully to differ from each other. Sheikh also warns as when an Ummah disrespects its own scholars and disregard their words, it ceases to exist.

04th Feb2015

In Persuit of Knowledge – Sheikh Abu Adnan

This Jumuah Khutbah discusses the importance of seeking knowledge, its blessings and virtues, how our predecessors viewed and pursued Islamic knowledge, how to maximize your rewards with Allaah, and how various deviant sects were defeated via knowledge.

30th Jan2015

Marriage, Divorce and Domestic Violence | Youth Panel Talk @ MIA

For the first time, experts from their respective field of study and extensive experience were invited to share their valuable experience and skilled advise with Sydney Community in the light of Qur'an and Sunnah by discussing issues which are epidemic these days in our society. A Must listen !

20th Aug2014

Bid’ah and it’s Dangers!

In this eye opening lecture for Muslims who are not aware of this great danger of innovation, Sheikh Abu Adnan gives an overview of it.

05th Aug2014

Fiqh Project: Sharh Umdatul Fiqh – Fiqh of Hajj (Pilgrimage) by Sheykh Abu Adnan

Detailed Audio lesson series for the Fiqh of Hajj (Pilgrimage), part of the book of al-‘Umdah tul Fiqh of the Hanbali school of Fiqh (Madhhab)

06th Jul2014

Tafseer Surah Fussilat | Ramadan Series @MIA | – Shaykh Abu Adnan

Sheikh in his usual beautiful style, is conducting an on-going series in the Holy month of Ramadan on the Tafseer of Surah Fussilat on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays after Taraweeh to give Eeman a further boost. Please watch and share and stay tuned for more updates on this page.

Arabic - English
27th Jun2014

Who is Doomed this Ramadan? Jumuah Khutbah by Sheikh Abu Adnan

In this Jumuah Khutbah, Sheikh highlights the importance of Ramadan, its days its nights and sheds light on how one shall act in this blessed month to avoid becoming one of the doomed ones.

26th Jun2014

Ramadan Panel – Sheikh Abu Adnan Sheikh Abu Bakar Zoud and Sheikh Ahmad Tahir

The Mashaykh prepares us for the Holy month of Ramadan. Venue: MIA Sydney Australia