29th Jan2017

Al-Muhalla | by Imam Ibn Hazm

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Al-Muhalla – A fabulous volume of 11 books on the Fiqh of hadeeth with more than 2000 Ahkaam and Masaail by the great imam of his time Ibn Hazm Al-Undulusi

Author: Ibn Hazm Al-Andulusi (Rahmatullah alehe)

Translated by: Mawlana Ghulam Ahmad Hariri

Aforementioned book “Al-Muhalla” is a famous authorship of the fifth Hijri century Muslim scholar Ibn Hazm the Andalusi. It is a book which scholars and researchers generally Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah and Ibn Qayyam have given much importance, may Allah have mercy upon them both.  This book embraces all the important issues of life and worship comprising of more than 2000 Masaail and Ahkaam.  Modern area Arabic and Egyptian scholars have highly benefited from this book in the contemporary issues.

Imam Ibn Hazm was known to have rejected the Qayas and always used to take Nusoos (Quran and Hadeeth) in establishing Ahkaam. May Allaah have mercy upon him and give him the reward (of good) for his sincere contribution and forgive him for any mistakes that have occurred due to his Ijtihaad.

Note: This book is for students of knowledge only and not for the laymen.

Volume 1 is available at the moment, other volumes will be uploaded as they become available.

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