10th Jan2017

Takfeer | Reasons, Signs and Ruling

A Must Read: In this book, the author has presented splendid arguments on this ideological dis-balance and modern Khawarijism which is even worse than the ones who emerged in early Islamic history.

05th Jan2017

Shafat Ka Bayan | Kitab Ash Shafat

A Must Read: One of the most misunderstood topics of Today in Aqeedah is Shafa't (Intercession) on the day of Judgement and Waseela (means) among many of us. In this beautiful book, the noble author has touched many important topics to address this misunderstanding

14th May2016

Ghunyat ul Talibeen | Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jeelani

Ghunyat ul Talibeen was one of those prominent books by noble Sheikh in which he has given his Fiqhi opinions on the topics of Salah, Siyaam, Zakah, Hajj, Adhkar, and Fadail Aamaal backed by Quranic and Hadeethic references.

05th Jun2015

Qatf Al-Jena’ Al-Dani | Sharah Aqeedah Ibn Abi Zaid Al-Qayrawani

This is an Urdu translation of Qatf Al-Jena' Al-Dani, which is the Sharah of the Muqaddimah of Aqeedah of Ibn Abi Zaid Al-Qayrawani.

19th Jan2015

Sharah Aqeedah Wastiyah

This book is the commentary of the well known Aqeedah book "Aqeedah Wastiyyah" of the ocean of knowledge "Sheikh ul Islam Ahmad bin Abdul Haleem Ibn Taymiyyah" (May Allah have mercy upon him). Commentary is done by prominent Mufti of Saudi Arabia Sheikh Muhammad bin Salih Al-Uthaymeen.

16th Dec2014

Deen Kay teen Bunyadi Usool aur in ki Sharah | Usool As Salasah wa Sharah

This book is the Urdu translation of "Usool As Salasah and its Sharah" of the prominent author. This book is not only beneficial for Students of knowledge and laymen rather mandatory due to the fact that no action is accepted and rewarded by Allaah without pure intentions, does not matter how much beautiful it is from outer appearance...

30th Aug2014

Talbis Iblis – by Ibn al-Jawzi

This is the complete Urdu translation of Imam Ibn Al-Jawzi's classic masterpiece 'Talbis Iblis'

26th Apr2013

Kitab ul Wasila – by Sheikh ul Islam Ibn Taymiyyah

In this book, Sheykh ul Islam Ibn Taymiyyah has refuted the wrong concept given by some deviated groups about acquiring an intermediary (human) and has presented arguments on the halal and haram intermediaries.

25th Apr2013

As Saarim ul Maslul Ala Shatim ur Rasool – Urdu Translation

This is the urdu translation of the prominent book written by Ibn Taymiyyah 'As Saarim ul Maslul Ala Shatim ur Rasool' which has not been matched by any writing so far on the subject of Protecting the honor of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alehe wassalam.