14th May2014

Chain of Command – Sciences of Hadeeth – Mustalah ul Hadeeth

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Author: Sheikh AbdulBary Yahya

Chain of Command, formally known as Mustalah ul Hadeeth or ‘Ilm ul Hadeeth or sciences of hadeeth, is a course regarding the Sciences of Hadeeth. Sheikh AbdulBary Yahya divided the course into two major sections corresponding to each weekend. The first weekend essentially covers the Scholars of Hadith, otherwise known in Arabic as the Muhadithoon. The second weekend is dedicated to the actual science of scrutinizing and analyzing hadeeth.

The Sciences of Hadeeth is a very important branch of Islamic knowledge. Not only for the reasons of preserving the Sunnah, but also because other Islamic Sciences depend upon it. For example: Fiqh. Fiqhi rulings are extracted from the Qur’an and Hadeeth. Much of the ikhtilaaf (disagreements) of the Fuqaha (Islamic juridical scholars) have are due to their disagreement on if a Hadeeth is acceptable or not to apply in rulings. One faqih (juridical scholar) might have more stringent criteria on hadith authenticity than another faqih. As a result, we see that mustalah is a science that affects other Islamic sciences.

Mustalah ul Hadith has allowed the Muslims to protect their Deen (religion)). Without this science, we would be unaware of what authentic statements have come from the Prophet. We would be in the same predicament as the Christians are, that is a religion with no verifiable doctrine traceable back to ‘Eesa (Jesus) Peace be upon him. But by the grace of Allah Almighty, we have a systemic process to scrutinize and classify every single statement of the Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him and an indisputable doctrine in the Qur’an.

Additionally, with this science, the fabricated and weak ahadeeth used by deviant sects of Islam can be identified and discarded.

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