06th Dec2013

Mah-e-Safar aur Maujooda Musalman – By Shaykh Abdul Majeed

Most of the Muslims who claim to be under the banner of Ahlu Sunnah Wa Al Jamaa't, consider the month of Safar as a "bad luck month" by following fabricated, and superstitious narrations....

17th Nov2013

Hadsa-e-Karbala aur Sabai Sazish…[Best book so far written on Karbala]

This is the best book ever written on the event of Karbala in Urdu language, very precise with references from Qur'an, Sunnah, and Tarikh.

20th Jul2013

Mu’tah:Temporary Marriage and it’s refutation by Ahlul Sunnah

A strong Refutation to the Raafidis (Shiites) who are spreading the Mut'ah marriage by claiming openly especially in UK that it is permissible (Halal) in Islam...MUST READ

27th Jun2013

Virtues of the month of Shaban and Religious Innovations done in it…by Sheykh Maqsood ul Hassan Feizi

An excellent talk that explains the Virtues of the month of Shaban and religious Innovations done by Muslims in this month.

09th Jun2013

The Other Side of Sufism

This book is presented to Muslims in pursuance of the aims to disregard the Sufism, the deviant way and order that have no share in Islam

15th May2013

Books’ Collection on Shi’aism and it’s Refutation by Ahlul Sunnah

A collection of Books on belief of Shi'aism from their own books and it's refutation by Ahlul Sunnah

04th May2013

Qadr – From Rays of Faith: Fundamentals of Faith Notes

Good article on Al-Qadar Wa alQada explaining the sects who went astray in understanding it