09th Oct2015

Myths | Stories | Events around Karbala Exposed.. by Sheykh Meraj Rabbani

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Sheykh Meraj Rabbani in his usual aggressive style provides the actual background of the Event of Karbala from the books of Ahlul Sunnah and from the books of Shiites. In doing so, he strongly refutes those propagandists and so-called Ulema of Islam who follow the footsteps of Ahle Tashayee (Shiites) and mock the son of Muaawiyah Radiallahu Anhu, Yazeed Radiallahu Anhu and present him to the world as the most wicked Villain of this Ummah. Moreover, every year same fabricated stories on TV/Internet and various media are presented to the world, deceiving Muslims and non-Muslims alike as if this is the only battle between truth and falsehood ever happened in the history of Islam. This battle did happen but not in the way that it is being presented by Shiites to the whole world. Alhumdolillah, the history of Islam is free from fabrications and need evidences from authentic sources. Sheykh provides evidences in this audio lecture from history books which also mentions one of the opinions that the event of Karbala did not even take place in the month of Muharram.

Reality of Events in Karbala – Part 1

 Reality of events in Karbala – Part 1 ▶ custom player

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Reality of Events in Karbala – Part 2

Reality of Events in Karbala – Part 2 ▶ custom player

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