29th Jan2017

Al-Muhalla | by Imam Ibn Hazm

A fabulous volume of 11 books on the Fiqh of hadeeth with more than 2000 Ahkaam and Masaail by the great imam of his time Ibn Hazm Al-Undulusi (translated into Urdu)

20th Feb2016

Al-Muwafiqat Fi Usul Al-Shariah

An unprecedented book by Imam Al-Shatibi which is a commentary on the opinions given by Usuliyoon of the four prominent school of thoughts.

13th Dec2015

Usul Madhab Al-Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal

Usul Al-Fiqh book in Arabic in the madhab of Al-Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal by Dr. Abdullah Bin Abdul Muhsin Al-Turki

08th May2015

Respect & Scholars | Shaykh Abu Adnan

Sheikh emphasizes on the reasons of difference of opinions among great scholars of our Ummah. Every scholar made an Ijtihad on a certain area, does not mean they wanted purposefully to differ from each other. Sheikh also warns as when an Ummah disrespects its own scholars and disregard their words, it ceases to exist.

05th May2015

An Introduction to Zaad al-Mustaqni

This is a translation of Zaad Al-Mustaqni (Summary of Fiqh from the Muqni' of Imam Al Muwaffaq Ibn Qudama) with one predominant opinion, with additional notes taken from Al-Raud Al-Murbi` and other sources.

19th Apr2015

Jamai’ Al-Usool | Al-Wajeez Fi Usool Al-Fiqh

This book "Jamai' al-Usool" in the Urdu translation of the author's Arabic book on Usool al-Fiqh titled "Al-Wajeez fi Usool Al-Fiqh".

04th Mar2015

Bidayat al-Mujtahid: Distinguished Jurist’s Primer

The well known Book in 2 volumes by great Scholar Ibn Rushd on Shari'a science of Ilm al Khilaf, a discipline that records and analyses the differences among Muslim Jurists.

15th Nov2014

Ad-Durar Al-Bahiyah Fi Masaa’il Al-Fiqhiyyah | Fiqh Al-Hadeeth | Imam Shawkani

This is an Urdu translation of the popular book on fiqh issues by Imam Ash-Shawkani titled 'Ad-Durar Al-Bahiyah Fi Masaa’il Al-Fiqhiyyah'.

14th Nov2014

Al-Qawâid Al-Fiqhiyyah | Legal Maxims of Islamic Jurisprudence

Studied at the Islamic University of North America (Mishkah), the book presents an accurate definition of the Islamic legal maxims and gives lots of examples on each rule in a simple way.

05th Aug2014

Fiqh Project: Sharh Umdatul Fiqh – Fiqh of Hajj (Pilgrimage) by Sheykh Abu Adnan

Detailed Audio lesson series for the Fiqh of Hajj (Pilgrimage), part of the book of al-‘Umdah tul Fiqh of the Hanbali school of Fiqh (Madhhab)

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