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The Foundations Of The Knowledge of USUL – by Al-Uthaymin

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About The Author

Muhammad ibn Saalih al-Uthaymeen al-Wuhaibi al-Tamimi (1925-2001 CE) was one of the most prominent Saudi Islamic scholars of the latter half of the twentieth century. Born in Saudi Arabia, he memorized the Qur’an at an early age and studied under some of the well known scholars of the time including: Abd ar-Rahman as-Saa’di, Muhammad Ash-Shanqeeti, and ‘Abd al-‘Aziz ibn Baaz. During his many years of study, he became world renowned as a reviver of Salafi dawah and his knowledge in fiqh.

About The Book

This is a Translation of the Text ‘Al-Usul min ‘Ilm al-‘Usul’ by the Noble Shaykh Muhammad bin Salih Al-Uthaymin. This book is the first of the Usul Series, which consists of various books of the Principles (Usul) of the religion.

The Prophet (sallallahu alehe wassalam) said:

If Allah intends good for anybody then he gives him understanding (fiqh) in deen.

It is not possible for the one with understanding (fiqh) to be without usul al-fiqh or for the usuli (the one who knows usul al-fiqh) to do without fiqh if he wants to have understanding (of the deen).
– Shaykh Al-Uthaymin, Kitab Al-Ilm

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