25th Aug2014

Hajj & Umrah | Al-Risalah, A Treatise On Maliki Fiqh

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Author: Abdullah ibn Abi Zayd Al-Qayrawani

List of Contents:

28.1 The obligation of the Hajj

28.1a. The meaning of Hajj

28.1b. The word Bakkah

28.1c. Preconditions of its obligation

28.1d. The meaning of ‘way’

28.2 Ihram

28.2a Its miqats

1. The Miqat of time

2. The Miqat of place

28.2b Physical Miqats

28.2c How to go into Ihram

28.2d The intention

28.2e Performing a ghusl

28.2f Removing stitched clothing

28.2g A ghusl when entering Makka

28.2h Continuing the Talbiyah

28.2i Not being excessive in the Talbiyah

28.3 Entering Makkah ….

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