Islamic History in English

02nd May2013

Umar Ibn Al-khattab – The Second Caliph of Islam – by By Ali Muhammad Sallaabee

For those who would be leaders, this book offers the model of an ideal Muslim leader, one who felt responsible before Allah for the well being of all those under his rule, including his troops, women, infants, non-Muslim subjects and even animals. ‘Umar was a 'hands on' leader who kept himself informed and consulted scholars and experts before every major decision.

24th Apr2013

The Sealed Nectar – by Safi ur Rehman Mubarakpuri

First prize winner book awarded by World Muslim League to author that is considered as a complete authoritative book on the life of Prophet Muhammad (saws)

05th Apr2013

The lofty Virtues of Ibn Taymiyyah – by Abu Hafs al-Bazzar

"…If I had to swear standing between the corner of the Ka’bah and the spot of Ibrahim, I would swear that I have not laid my two eyes on anyone like him, nor has he seen anyone as knowledgeable as himself…" al-Hafiz Adh-Dhahabi