20th Dec2015

How to Understand the Quran

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How to Understand the Quran (classical)

Author: Sheikh Muhammad Jameel Zeeno

Translated by: Abu Taher Ibn Muhammad ‘Abdul Haque

About the Book:

This is an abridgment of the treatise written by Shaykh Jameel Zeeno which provides every Muslim with essential knowledge regarding the correct way to understand the Qur’an. This should be the goal of every Muslim since the Qur’an is the Message sent by Allaah and the pillar of guidance He has given them. Only by correct understanding of the Qur’aan and the Sunnah can one feel that they have traversed the path of the Prophet (Sallallahu Alehe Wasallam) the best of creation and hope to attain the great reward Allaah has prepared for the Believers. This topic, should not escape any Muslim let alone anyone ascribing themselves to the Sunnah. We know that in the etiquette’s of learning one begins by learning from the Qur’an, then that which follows from it. This is plainly clear in the biographies of the pious scholars, many of whom memorized the Qur’an in the early days of their youth.

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