10th Apr2015

Bid’at ka Encyclopedia

In this book, various types and kinds of all the Bid'aat have been mentioned which have been spreaded by Ulema Su since ages to their extreme blind followers, who perform them assuming it's the "Islam" they are following.

15th Feb2015

Valentine’s Day – History & Reality | An Islamic Perspective

In this book, the author has provided the history of Valentine's day, it's promotion by the various media, the reasons of 'Why we shall not celebrate it', and it's value from the perspective of Islam (Shariah) along with some rulings by various Scholars of Islam.

12th Jan2015

Good Bidah (Bid’ah Hasana)

This article responds well to the the untrue claims that Bid'ah (Innovation) is sometimes 'Good' in religion with proofs in the light of Qur'an and authentic ahadith.

31st Dec2014

Ruling on Celebrating New Year festivals and the likes of it

Sheikh ul Islam warns Muslims about the dangers of falling into major sin to the extent of falling into Kufr when they celebrate or participate into the non-islamic festivals especially New year, and it's likes..

29th Oct2014

View of Ahl Al-Sunnah towards the Sahabah

This article sheds light on the attitude of a Muslim towards the Sahabah which should be that of love, respect, peace and purity of hearts and tongues.

22nd Sep2014

Janazah Qabar Aur Ta’ziyat Ki Bid’atein

It has been observed that almost 70% of the Bid'ah present in the Ummah today consist of belief and events around the phase of death of the deceased, the mourning by the people around him/her, the start of proceedings towards Grave and the actions done after it to benefit the dead. In this small booklet, author has beautifully addressed these issues very precisely.

20th Aug2014

Bid’ah and it’s Dangers!

In this eye opening lecture for Muslims who are not aware of this great danger of innovation, Sheikh Abu Adnan gives an overview of it.

14th Feb2014

Sheykh Abdul Qadir Jeelani aur Giyarahvin Sharif – Booklet

A booklet that unveils this Bid'ah that is bluntly and wrongly attributed to Sheykh Abdul Qadir Jeelani Rahmatullah Alehe and unleashes other fabricated stories wrongly attributed to the Sheykh

25th Jan2014

The story of the 5 monkeys – by Shaykh Abu Adnan

An excellent lecture by Shaykh emphasizing on the causes of extreme blind following and how to avoid it in the matters of religion.

15th Jan2014

Wahabism, Fact or Fiction – Shaykh Abu Adnan

Sheykh explains as what Wahabism is, the definition, and the myth and story behind it.