09th Jan2014

Analysis of the evidences given for celebrating Eid Milaad un Nabi – by Sheykh Tauseef ur Rehman

Sheykh provides detailed analysis and refutes evidences given in favor of celebrating Eid Milaad un Nabi.

08th Jan2014

Celebrating the birthday of the Prophet: Is it Sunnah? By Sheykh Abu Adnan

"Whoever introduces anything into this matter of ours (religion) that is not part of it, will have it rejected" [Saheeh Muslim]

06th Dec2013

Mah-e-Safar aur Maujooda Musalman – By Shaykh Abdul Majeed

Most of the Muslims who claim to be under the banner of Ahlu Sunnah Wa Al Jamaa't, consider the month of Safar as a "bad luck month" by following fabricated, and superstitious narrations....

04th Nov2013

Al-Qur’aniyoon – The Deviants

Al-Quraniyoon is one of the deviant sects in Islam and is considered by scholars of Islam as Non-Muslim

02nd Nov2013

Celebrating Halloween !

The Prophet of Allah (PBUH) prohibited Muslims from celebrating any holidays other than the two Eids

27th Jun2013

Virtues of the month of Shaban and Religious Innovations done in it…by Sheykh Maqsood ul Hassan Feizi

An excellent talk that explains the Virtues of the month of Shaban and religious Innovations done by Muslims in this month.

19th Apr2013

A Critical Analysis of Bid’ah by Shaykh Abu Adnan

“Whoever innovates something in this matter of ours (Islam) that is not part of it, will have it rejected.” (Al-Bukhaari and Muslim)