03rd Mar2018

Save Ghouta | Friday Sermon

Forsaken by the Islamic leaders of 57 Islamic countries, the Muslims in Ghouta are asking for your help in every shape and kind. This Jumua' khutbah discusses as why Ghouta has been targeted now with worst of the Genocide the world has ever witnessed.

31st Dec2017


In this book the author presents in detail the biographies of 96 Tabiyeen shedding light on their life aspects of religion, morality, knowledge, their struggle to reform societies and nations, and their struggle in the path of Allaah.

31st Dec2016

Memoirs Of The Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)

Six part series where Muhammad Al-Bizry focuses on snippets and moments of the Seerah of our beloved Prophet and explained the lessons learnt.

03rd Sep2016

Aima Islam | Rafa ul Malam An Aimatul Islam

This book is an Urdu translation of Sheikh ul Islam Ibn Taymiyyah's Risala "Rafa ul Malam 'An 'Aima tul A'alaam".

23rd Jul2016


This book at the time of it's authorship, was the first book written in the Urdu language on the Ottoman's history in 1939. It has been presented by incorporating translations from selected English, Arabic, and Persian authentic books as well as selected Turkish and French history books.

05th Jun2016

Early Days | Tarikh Ibn Kathir Abridged

This book is the first part from the classic work, Al-Bidayah wan Nihayah (The Beginning and The End) in it's abridged English translation form. The enormous work is done by the renowned scholar Imam Ibn Kathir and is considered one of the most authoritative sources on Islamic history.

18th Oct2015

‘Ashoora in Islam and previous religions, and refutation of the Raafidi claim that it is an innovation introduced by the Umayyads

From the book Man qatala al-Husayn (radia Allah ‘anhu) by Sheikh ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Abd al-‘Azeez.

09th Oct2015

Myths | Stories | Events around Karbala Exposed.. by Sheykh Meraj Rabbani

Sheykh in his usual aggressive style provides the actual background of the Event of Karbala from the books of Ahlul Sunnah and from the books of Shiites.

30th Sep2015

The Lives Of the Four Imams

Short videos: The lives of the four great Imams of our Ummaah who are considered the founder of their madhab: Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi'I and Hanbali

11th Mar2015

Hayat Sheikh ul Islam Ibn Taymiyah | Biography of Ibn Taymiyah

The personality of Sheikh ul Islam Ibn Taymiyah does not need any praise. He was an ocean of knowledge, an encyclopedia of Islamic sciences, who has left a legacy behind him for the men to follow till the day of judgement. An excellent book on this biography!