30th Jan2015

Marriage, Divorce and Domestic Violence | Youth Panel Talk @ MIA

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Event: Youth Talk Panel @ MIA – Markaz Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal

Main Topic: Marriage, Divorce and Domestic Violence

A topic that is rarely touched in the Muslim and Non-Muslim community alike, where 1 out of every 3 homes in New South Wales at least is affected with Domestic violence (physical, mental or psychological). For the first time, experts from their respective field of study and extensive experience were invited who shared their valuable experience and skilled advise with Sydney Community in the light of Qur’an and Sunnah. They discussed issues which are epidemic these days in our society with emphasis on how our Religion Al-Islam, the divine religion, gives solutions to it in the best way possible. A must listen recommendation for everyone.

Speakers & Sub-topics Delivered:

  • Sheikh Abu Adnan: Islamic ruling on domestic violence.
  • Sheikh Bilal Dannoun: How to maintain a healthy marriage, with emphasis on the reasons of a divorce.
  • Doctor Zackaria Mathews: Dealing with divorce, Conflict Management and way out.
  • Brother Danny Miqati: Dealing with domestic violence.

Video – Youth Panel

Audio Part 1: Sheikh Abu Adnan, Sheikh Bilal Dannoun, Dr. Zackaria Mathews

Youth Panel MIA-Part 1

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Audio Part 2: Brother Danny Miqati, Concluding remarks by Sheikh Abu Adnan

Youth  Panel MIA – Part 2

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Full Audio Combined Part 1 and 2

Youth Panel MIA – Full Audio

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