05th Dec2015

Jahannum mein Lay Janay Wali Majlisein

The author mentions in detail a man's speech, deeds and behavior while attending gatherings of his normal day life, which things are to be kept in mind when becoming a part of such gatherings, while at the same time preventing oneself from factors that could lead him to Jahannum

13th May2015

Jhoot ki Sangeni Aur iski Iqsaam | The severity of Lying and its types

Dr. Fazl Ilahi has explained this heinous sin in this book with shedding light on: Seriousness of telling lies, the reward from Allah to the one who seeks repentance of not lying again, types of Lying, and exceptional circumstances of permitting lies and similar issues in the light of Qur'an and authentic Sunnah.

08th Feb2015

Gham na Karein | Don’t Be Sad

This book was sold out with it's 1 million copies within days of it's first publishing. One of the masterpieces written by the well known author which guides the lost man of today with it's gems and jewels guidance, a book which is full of the flowers of wisdom extracted from Qur'an and Sunnah..

25th Jan2015

Ham Tawbah Kewn Nahi Kartey | Why we do not repent?

This book is a discussion on those unfortunate people who deprived themselves from Repentance from their sins. We hope that this book will invoke Khashyah and shall become a cause of getting Towfiq of true and sincere Repentance asked from Allaah Subhana Wa Ta'ala.

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