07th Aug2014

Winter – The believer’s best season !

This article shows that winter time is a special time that we should mark not by being down, lazy and inactive, but rather by reviving our energy in worship and servitude to Allah in at least four ways

23rd Mar2014

Exposing Shaytan

Tricks, Deceit and Means used by Shaytan in misguiding the children of Adam and Ways of protecting ourselves and our Homes from the accursed

13th Feb2014

The Ladder Of Satan – by Sheykh Abu Adnan

This lecture describes the steps Satan takes to lead people astray starting with Shirk then bida’h then major sins, also unveils the plots of Satan detailed in Quran and Sunnah

08th Feb2014

Please the One, not Many !!

” … But it is more fitting that they should please Allāh and His Messenger … “ [Surah At-Tawbah;62]

04th Feb2014

The Bad and the Good End..by Shaykh Ahmad Jibril

Shaykh emphasizes on the importance of meeting your Lord with good or bad ending by giving examples of our pious predecessors

26th Jan2014

Jahannam [Hellfire] ᴴᴰ – A Scary Reminder

A scary and horrific reminder that explains one of the Allah's creation, the Jahannum in the light of Quran and Sunnah

25th Jan2014

The story of the 5 monkeys – by Shaykh Abu Adnan

An excellent lecture by Shaykh emphasizing on the causes of extreme blind following and how to avoid it in the matters of religion.

11th Jan2014

The Fitna of Money | Wealth

Article discusses money or wealth as one of the biggest fitnah of today and its positive and negative aspects

10th Jan2014

Short Video Gems < 15 mins

New Addition: Highly beneficial short video excerpts of less than 15 minutes from Scholars and various sources

31st Dec2013

Speaking about Allah without Knowledge – by Jamaluddin Zarabozo

In this article, Shaykh interprets the last part of the verse 33 in surat Al-A’raf which strictly forbids to speak about Allah with NO knowledge....