29th Mar2014

Munkar-e-Hadeeth is Infact Munkar-e-Quran – by Shaykh Tawseef ur Rehman

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Sometimes Internal threats are more serious and devastating than external threats as Internal threats pretend themselves to be part of you, which in reality they’re not !

In these three video parts, Shaykh explains in detail, about those deviated individuals and groups that exist within Muslims today who change and twist the meaning of the Qur’an, or change the Asbaab an-Nazul (Reason of revelation) of Qur’anic verses to suit their extreme whims and desires or reject Qur’an by rejecting the Ahadeeth altogether. A must watch video lectures to make yourself aware of the trials befalling on our Ummah today so you could save yourself from becoming trap of these deviated ideologies.





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