16th Aug2013

Muslims NOT Ramadanies!! By Sheykh Ahmad Jibril

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Shaykh emphasizes as how a Muslim’s life should be consistent in pleasing Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala throughout the 11 months outside of Ramadan as well. Sheykh further emphasizes as how the Shaytan is ferocious after the Ramadan after he is set free after been shackled in the month of Ramadan. Sheykh emphasizes on Muslims to not to render their good deeds worthless after Ramadan like the crazy woman of Makkah who used to undo all the threads after she had spun it with great effort.  How do you know that your Ramadan was accepted by Allah Subhana Ta’ala. The Salaf used to worry more about their good deeds for acceptance than the deed itself. This is a must listen talk for every Muslim to get their Eeman boosted that inshaAllah would help them to remain steadfast for the rest of 11 months.