16th Dec2016

Do Not belittle Your share | Spread the word

This article discusses what we can do as an individual for our brothers and sisters who are suffering in Aleppo, Myanmar, Palestine, Kashmir and else where.

13th Dec2016

The Reality of Dunya

Beautiful reminder from brother Hoblos explaining the reality of this Dunya and how it deceives you. The talk reminders you to be focused in your goal of Akhira (Jannah) while still taking the best out of this Dunya.

08th Nov2016

7 Things Successful Muslims Do Every Morning!

Waking up in the morning feeling rushed? Feeling as though your mornings aren’t turning out right? Well, there’s a way to fix this.

25th Sep2016

Sheikh Alaa Elsayed Video Lessons

Sheikh Alaa is the Director of Religious Affairs for the Islamic Centre of Canada-ISNA. He is a favorite tutor with AlKauthar and works closely with Mercy Mission’s projects worldwide.

10th Sep2016

Watch Kaaba LIVE HD

Watch the Hajj 1438H Manasik LIVE .....

03rd Sep2016

Aima Islam | Rafa ul Malam An Aimatul Islam

This book is an Urdu translation of Sheikh ul Islam Ibn Taymiyyah's Risala "Rafa ul Malam 'An 'Aima tul A'alaam".

13th Aug2016

Beware of rumours at times of crisis

This article is an advise to everyone to verify matters and not to rush to pass on news until they are sure that it is true.

23rd Jul2016


This book at the time of it's authorship, was the first book written in the Urdu language on the Ottoman's history in 1939. It has been presented by incorporating translations from selected English, Arabic, and Persian authentic books as well as selected Turkish and French history books.

09th Jun2016

Ramadan Health Guide

This e-book is your practical nutrition and exercise guide for Ramadan and no doubt contains Healthy Hacks for an awesome Ramadan

05th Jun2016

Surah At-Teen | Tafsir of Juz Amma by Shaykh Abu Bakr Zoud

Surah At-Teen: Part of this Tafseer series done by the Sheykh where the focus is more of a linguistic, and literary approach, deeper meanings from a grammatical perspective and to demonstrate the cohesive flowing nature of the Quran