22nd Nov2014

Promised Prophet of the Bible

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Author: Munqidh Bin Mahmoud Assaqqar

Words of the Author:

There is no doubt that the prophet-hood of our prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) is one of two important tasks that the Muslim is carrying to humanity. Muslims believe that to prove the prophet-hood of Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) is one of many essential tasks in their religion; therefore, it is a compulsory duty for Muslims to present this evidence and proof.

In spite of the alterations made to the Holy Bible, it still contains many prophecies that foretell the arrival of the “Final prophet”. It has been almost 2000 years since Jesus (Peace Be Upon Him) came to this earth; yet, these prophecies have not been fulfilled; therefore, we ask when will it be? To claim that these prophecies are still to come, as the years go by, is to reduce the credibility of the Holy Bible to its readers.

Therefore, we send an honest true invitation to examine the prophecies in the Holy Bible, and to read it again carefully considering the appearance of Islam and the prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), and we are confident that this will uncover the truth of the belief of the prophet-hood of Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). We do not just simply say that, but it is a historical fact admitted by all those who have studied the life of this prophet.

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