09th Jun2016

Ramadan Health Guide

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Ramadan Health Guide – Healthy Hacks for an awesome Ramadan

Words from the Author (Rushdi Ismail):

A Muslim’s life is beautiful, simple and complete with Allah’s infinite Blessings. As part of His Blessings, there are some things in our lives that are better than others.

The Prophets are the Best of Creation; Friday is the best day of the week and Makkah is the best place any human could hope to visit and experience being a Muslim. Just like all these aspects that make up Islam, Allah subuhanawuta’ala has made Ramadan the best month of the whole year. Ramadan happens once a year, but of course, you already know that. It is because of this realization that we strive to make every Ramadan our best yet. Being passionate about doing our best in Ramadan is important to us Muslims in order to protect ourselves from the Eternal Fire.

In Ramadan, we strive to attain forgiveness, a purified heart and a greater awareness of Islam. Ramadan is prime time to seek all these things. Allah is making it easy for us to attain our personal goals by chaining up the shayateen and grant us a temptation-free playing field to become better Muslims. In Ramadan, we also strive for something more universal and central to Islam: Taqwa (God consciousness). Allah has designated Ramadan solely for this reason, as He says:

O you who believe! Fasting is prescribed for you, as it was prescribed upon those before you in order that you may attain Taqwa.

(Al-Quran 2:183)

So to attain both these goals – forgiveness and Taqwa (God consciousness) we need to maximize our efforts during the blessed month of Ramadan and make the best out of it.

I know what you are thinking – and I agree. Making the best out of Ramadan is certainly easier said than done. Our level of existing spirituality, the food we eat, our sleep routine and even the amount of exercise we do, all play their respective and important roles in helping us to attain this goal. So, it is important that we plan and prepare for Ramadan if we are set on making the best out of it.

I am not your spiritual coach, so I am going to allow the scholars to play their part in this respect. I am, however, your nutrition and exercise coach. So, this Ramadan, I want to give you the ultimate nutrition, exercise, sleep and energy management techniques to help you make this Ramadan your best ever, physically and mentally.

This e-book is your practical nutrition and exercise guide for Ramadan. I hope this e-book will serve as a reminder of the priorities of Ramadan so that youcan make positive food choices, insha Allah.

I sincerely pray, Allah subhanawata’ala, enables you and me to fast the entire Month of Ramadan; that this Ramadan turns out to be our best one yet and that this Ramadan is a means for us to enter the best of Paradise, Jannath ul-Firdaws al-A’la. Also, that Allah accepts and rewards our good deeds abundantly and that He turns all our sins to good deeds. Ameen!

Rushdi Ismail

Excercise and Nutrition Coach

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