28th May2014

Sahih Al-Bukhari (Abridged)

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The Translation of the Meanings of Summarized Sahih Al-Bukhari

Compiled by: Al-Imam Zain-ud-Din Ahmad bin Abdul Lateef Az-Zubaidi

In Imam Bukhari’s ‘Al-Jami-al-Sahih’ (Sahih Al Bukhari) the Imam had recorded all the Sayings of the Prophet which he found to be genuine after thorough examination and scrutiny. He spent sixteen years in research and examined more than sixty thousand Sayings from which he selected some 7,275 Sayings whose genuineness and accuracy he established beyond the slightest doubt. Deducting duplicates, the Imam’s collection contain about four thousand distinct Sayings. The text used for this Summary is based on Imam Zayn ud-Din Ahmad ibn Abdul Lateef az-Zubaydi’s work (died 893), the author of the abridged Sahih al-Bukhari (al-Tajrid al-Sarih].

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