05th Jan2017

Shafat Ka Bayan | Kitab Ash Shafat

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Shafat Ka Bayan | Kitab Ash Shafat

Author: Muhammad Iqbal Kilani

One of the most misunderstood topics of Today in Aqeedah is Shafa’t (Intercession) on the day of Judgement and Waseela (means) among many of us. In this beautiful book, the noble author has touched many important topics to address this prevailing misunderstanding:

  • What is Shafa’at?
  • What is the objective of Shafa’at?
  • Types of Shafa’at?
  • What is Waseela, and the link between Waseela and Shafa’at?
  • Common misconception of Waseela among many of the muslims and to explain the right Waseela and its types.
  • Can Shafa’t be done by the Shafi’ without Allah’s permission?
  • Who is qualified to do Shafa’at?
  • Who is not able to do Shafa’at?
  • Why Ummah will be entered into Jannah via the process of Shafa’at?

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