30th Jan2015

Marriage, Divorce and Domestic Violence | Youth Panel Talk @ MIA

For the first time, experts from their respective field of study and extensive experience were invited to share their valuable experience and skilled advise with Sydney Community in the light of Qur'an and Sunnah by discussing issues which are epidemic these days in our society. A Must listen !

28th Jan2015

Advise on Establishing an Islamic home

An excellent book discussing the foundation of an Islamic household where the author addresses issues that are relevant to the majority of the Muslims.

26th Jan2015

Disturber of the Hearts – Ibn al-Jawzi

Ibn al-Jawzi, has collected herein ominous narration, warnings against wrongdoing, and stories of forbidding and punishment that shake the hearts from their slumber. The self-assured one becomes anxious; the heart-hearted becomes soft; the dried tear ducts start to flow; slothful becomes motivated.

25th Jan2015

Ham Tawbah Kewn Nahi Kartey | Why we do not repent?

This book is a discussion on those unfortunate people who deprived themselves from Repentance from their sins. We hope that this book will invoke Khashyah and shall become a cause of getting Towfiq of true and sincere Repentance asked from Allaah Subhana Wa Ta'ala.

19th Dec2014

500 QAs on Buying and Selling

This Fatawa book of 500 Masa'il is the Urdu translation of Arabic book "500 Jawab Fil Buyua' Wa Muamalat" by the prominent scholars, whose purpose is to guide Muslims to follow Qur'an and Sunnah in their business transactions.

06th Sep2014

Lying and Decieving – A Sickening Disease !

A must read article that sheds light on one of the most serious disease of heart, one of the serious sins 'Lying', it's damages caused to an individual, family, or to a group.

Arabic - English
18th May2014

Different types of Hearts

In this translated Audio, Shaykh 'Allama explains the three different types of hearts evidenced in Qur'an and authentic Sunnah

10th May2014

Forgiveness and Our Responsibilities [ Youth Panel ]

One of the Youth Panel sessions at MIA Liverpool (SYD) chaired by Sheykh Abu Adnan with guest speakers Sheikh Omar El Banna and Sheikh Abu Bakr Zoud

18th Mar2014

Guarding the Tongue – From the prize works of Imam An-Nawawi

A chapter from book "Al-Adhkaar" of Imaam An-Nawawi detailing what is forbidden and disliked from speech, such as backbiting, gossiping, and slander in the light of Qur’an and Sunnah

11th Mar2014

Who Gets Allah’s Mercy by Nouman Ali Khan

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan explains the different groups of those special people that will receive Allah's special mercy, care and immediate response, in an exclusive 2-day event at Qatar.