16th Jul2014

Surah Al-Ghashiyah | Tafsir of Juz Amma – Shaykh Abu Bakr Zoud

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Speaker: Sheikh Abu Bakr Zoud

Series: Tafseer Juzz Amma of Qur’an

The focus of this series is more of a linguistic, and literary approach:


1- Deeper meanings of the Ayaat from a grammatical aspect, meanings that are lost in the English translations.

2- To demonstrate the cohesive flowing nature of the Quran, and how it’s all one unified argument.

3- The precision of word choice, why a specific word is used, as opposed to other words that have the same meaning.

Tafseer Surah Al-Ghashiyah – Part 1

In this lesson we explain what is meant by Al-Ghashiyah, what two groups are formed, and the powerful horrific words used to describe the punishment of the disbelievers.


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Tafseer Surah Al-Ghashiyah – Part 2

In this lesson we explain:

1- The other type of faces on the Day Of Resurrection.
2- Why it’s easy to work for this life and difficult to work for the hereafter.
3- An awesome Quranic description of the paradise, Allah offers us something we run after till this very day.


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Tafseer Al-Ghashiyah – Part 3

In this lesson we conclude Surat Al-Ghashiyah explaining:

1- The wisdom behind why Allah calls us to reflect upon the creation of the Camel as oppose to other animals.
2- Why Allah refers to the Earth as a roof.
3- The Prophets career & how it’s summarized in one word.
4- The connection between the beginning & ending of the Surah.


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