18th Mar2015

Surah Ash Shams | Tafsir of Juz Amma by Shaykh Abu Bakr Zoud

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Speaker: Sheikh Abu Bakr Zoud

Series: Tafseer Juzz Amma of Qur’an

The focus of this series is more of a linguistic, and literary approach:


1- Deeper meanings of the Ayaat from a grammatical aspect, meanings that are lost in the English translations.

2- To demonstrate the cohesive flowing nature of the Quran, and how it’s all one unified argument.

3- The precision of word choice, why a specific word is used, as opposed to other words that have the same meaning.

Tafseer Surah Ash-Shams – Part 1


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  • The relation between Surat Al-Balad & Surat Ash-Shams
  • If we take an oath by other than Allah, what should be done immediately?
  • The role of the moon, day & night towards the Sun
  • TAFSEER PRINCIPLE – When two different opinions are made about an Aayah, which should we take?

Tafseer Surah Ash-Shams – Part 2


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In this lesson part 2, in verses 7 and 8, it is discussed:

  • The concept of the Nafs.
  • The relationship between the heart, body & Soul.
  • The parallel between the body & Soul & The Sun & its Light.
  • What does it mean that we are a middle nation?

Tafseer Surah Ash-Shams – Part 3


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  • How do we balance our Soul & Body?
  • How does Allah define success?
  • Why do we pray?
  • What are the 2 most important ways of purifying your Nafs?
  • A great Dua, if you say Allah will forgive you even if you’ve been forgiven.
  • Who will be disappointed on the Day Of Judgment?
  • Out of the many stories of The Prophets in the Quran, Why is the story of Thamud especially mention in this Surah (Ash-Shams)?

Tafseer Surah Ash-Shams – Part 4


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  • The story of Thamoud & its relevance to us today.
  • What is the exact meaning of “Thanb (Sin)”?
  • Why did Allah say “they killed it (she-camel)” when we know only one person killed it?
  • Explanation of the rule: ‘recompense comes in the form of the deed’.

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