31st Dec2017


In this book the author presents in detail the biographies of 96 Tabiyeen shedding light on their life aspects of religion, morality, knowledge, their struggle to reform societies and nations, and their struggle in the path of Allaah.

03rd Sep2016

Aima Islam | Rafa ul Malam An Aimatul Islam

This book is an Urdu translation of Sheikh ul Islam Ibn Taymiyyah's Risala "Rafa ul Malam 'An 'Aima tul A'alaam".

23rd Jul2016


This book at the time of it's authorship, was the first book written in the Urdu language on the Ottoman's history in 1939. It has been presented by incorporating translations from selected English, Arabic, and Persian authentic books as well as selected Turkish and French history books.

11th Mar2015

Hayat Sheikh ul Islam Ibn Taymiyah | Biography of Ibn Taymiyah

The personality of Sheikh ul Islam Ibn Taymiyah does not need any praise. He was an ocean of knowledge, an encyclopedia of Islamic sciences, who has left a legacy behind him for the men to follow till the day of judgement. An excellent book on this biography!

17th Nov2013

Hadsa-e-Karbala aur Sabai Sazish…[Best book so far written on Karbala]

This is the best book ever written on the event of Karbala in Urdu language, very precise with references from Qur'an, Sunnah, and Tarikh.

03rd May2013

Tarikh Ibn Khaldoon [Urdu] 12 Volumes Set – تاریخ ابن خلدون

The best history book on the lives of the Prophets of Allah swt

02nd May2013

Tarikh Ibn-e-Kathir (Urdu translation) [Complete 16 Volumes set]

One of the best books on the history consisting of events from the time Adam is born to the day of resurrection. A Must-have books collection in a muslim's home.