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Tawheed the foremost, O Callers to Islam !

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Tawheed the foremost, O Callers to Islam !

What we see today is that many of the modern Dua’t have failed to realize this fact that a proper methodology (Manhaj) is mandatory for dawah, that is the ‘Call to Tawheed’ mentioned in the Qur’an and the authentic Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alehe Wassalam. Some of them after getting fame, and crowded audience have gone to such extent that they have rejected the methodology of Calling to Saheeh Aqeedah by Scholars as something fabricated with no evidence from Qur’an, Hadeeth and Salaf As Saliheen. Hence, in doing so, these so-called Du’at have rejected all the important work done by the pious predecessors in clarifying the Saheeh Aqeedah for Ummah, those pious predecessors to whom they have no comparison at all in the first place.

We say to these so-called Dua’t to fear Allaah, and revisit their Islamic Knowledge. We ask them to find us a word of “Saheeh hadeeth” or “Hasan Hadeeth”, or the word “Tafseer” in Quran and authentic Sunnah, or else stop their spread of false methodolody by corrupting the brains and hearts of Ummah, and making them negligent of the Aqeedah. The word “Aqeedah” is a tool to categorise the true manhaj by making things easy for the Ummah to understand, it’s not an invention, similiar to the Mustalah Al-Hadeeth which makes the ‘Ilm of Hadeeth easy to understand. And there are many examples to refute this false claim.

We also invite them to the true Manhaj of Dawah, by saying “O Callers to Islam, take heed and make the call to Tawheed of Allaah in his Lordship, His names and attributes and his worship, the foremost” as it was advised by Rasool Allaah and his companions and the pious predecessors who followed their way.

At the same time, we also call our brothers and sisters in Islam to seek the true Manhaj of Islam, the comprehension of the meaning of Laa Ilaha Illallaaah and learn the Aqeedah as top priority besides other sciences of Islam.

This Risala was a detailed answer given by Sheikh Al-Muhaddith Nasir uddin Albani (May Allaah have mercy upon him) when he was asked a question as what is the methodolody for muslims to acquire success in all forms and shapes in this world and in the hereafter. In doing so, which Manhaj of Islam that the dua’t should adapt that brought success to our predecessors in past.

عنوان:توحید سب سے پہلے اے داعیان اسلام
مصنف :ناصر الدین البانی

مختصر بیان:یہ ایک عظیم انتہاہی اورنفع بخش رسالہ ہےجو ایک سوال کا جواب ہے جسے محدث عصرشیخ ناصرالدین البانی رحمہ اللہ نے دیا ہے او روہ سوال مجمل طور پر مندرجہ ذیل ہے ۔وہ کیا طریقہ کار ہے جومسلمانوں کو عروج کی طرف لے جائے اور وہ کیا راستہ ہے کہ جسے اختیار کرنے پراللہ تعالی انہیں زمین پر غلبہ عطاکرے گا اور دیگر امتوں کے درمیان جوان کا شایان شان مقام ہے اس پر فائز کرے گاپس علامہ البانی رحمہ اللہ نے اس سوال کا نہایت ہی مفصل اور واضح جواب ارشاد فرمایاجس کی افادیت کو پیش نظر رکھتے ہوئے قارئین کی خدمت میں یہ رسالہ پیش کیا جارہاہے ۔

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