26th Jan2016

The Beneficial Message & Definitive Proof In Study Of Theology

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The Beneficial Message & Definitive Proof In Study Of Theology
Author: Muhammad Salih Farfur
Translation & Notes by Wesam Charkawi (translator of Nur al-Idah)

About the Book:

The Beneficial Message & The Definitive Proof In The Study Of Theology – A detailed work on Islamic Creed. Includes extensive commentary by the translator drawn from classical sources. Differences between varying schools are explored.

Three essential matters of Islamic doctrine are the basis of the science of divine oneness, they are:

  • Ilahiyat – the divine being and His attributes.
  • Nubuwat – the functions of prophethood and that which is associated with them.
  • Sam’iyat – which relates to what the Prophet informed about, such as the resurrection after death, the gathering, the bridge across the fire [sirat], paradise and hellfire.

Author’s Introduction:

The author, Shaykh Muhammad Salih Farfur (born in Damascus in 1901 and died 1986) was renowned for his piety, knowledge and diligence in the pursuit of educating others who sought knowledge. He founded the famously known institute in Syria known as Al-Fatih, graduating students by the thousands as well as a specific branch of the school for females. This text is currently taught in Al-Fatih Syria and other Islamic institutes world-wide. The format of this text is such that it presents the Arabic followed by its translation.

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