02nd Aug2014

The Judgement Day ᴴᴰ

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Today the world witness all types of atrocities committed by the people. The oppressor goes on and kill mercilessly helpless and innocent humans without the fear of any accountability, forgetting that there is someone above the heavens over the mighty throne Allaah subhana wa’tala to whom they will have to return. They have forgotten that they will have to stand before Allaah subhana watala to answer about every drop of blood shed by them unjustly. The son of Adam has completely forgotten the purpose of his life given on this face of earth by His creator and instead he is hungry for the blood of others for various causes.

From the worldly Judicial perspective, if someone kills 1 Million people unjustly and even if he gets punished, the maximum punishment he could be given is the death penalty !! And that’s it !! As He has one body and one soul. From the perspective of Allah subhana tala in hereafter, the punishment will be far more beyond he could imagine. The Jail that awaits him in hereafter is the most horrific Jail he can ever imagine. And that’s the true Justice that awaits him !! And this signifies the existence of an inevitable day of judgement.

The video attempts to depict some of the events of the day of judgement. Let us take heed of it today, and remind our loved ones, our neighbors and all around the mankind to get ready for this day, and not to become an oppressor for indeed you will be not be able to escape an inch from the kingdom of your Creator, and nothing not even the precious Gold equivalent to the size of this whole of the earth will save you from the severe punishment set by Allaah (subhana Wa tala) to whom every human race and Jin race shall return one day for sure, and this is the Truth.