09th Jun2013

The Other Side of Sufism

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This compilation is based mainly on critique of Sufism entitled “Ilat-Tasawwuf Ya Ibbadallah,” by ash-Shaikh Abu Bakr al-Djaza’iri, a renowned teacher in the Islamic University in al-Madinah al-Munawwarah, Saudi Arabia, and a preacher in the Prophet’s Masjid there. This booklet is also based on a discourse entitled “al-Anwar ar-Rahmaniyyeh,” by the late ash-Shaikh Abdur-Rahman al-Afriqi, in which he exposed the deviant tenets of the al-Tijaaniyyah Order, along with many other relevant works of different descents.

This book is presented to Muslims in pursuance of the aims and objectives to help Muslims understand the Qur’an and the Sunnah as they were understood by as-Salaf as-Salih (the companions of the Prophet) and those who adhere to their methodology, and to expose, on the other hand, all forms of bid’ah (innovations) in matters of religion, so that the Muslims may follow the straight path of Allah and disregard the deviant ways, sects and orders that have no share in Islam.

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The Other Side of Sufism