02nd Mar2017

Universal Principles of Arabic [Updated]

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An Ongoing Series – Universal Principles of Arabic

Speaker: Ustadh Muhammad Al-Bizry

Did you know that almost every word in the Arabic language comes from a small 3 letter root?

Universal Principles, taught by Ustaadh Muhammad Al-Bizry, is a practical and engaging approach to learning some of the main concepts of the Arabic language.

It focuses on leaving the student with key principles which they can immediately apply and benefit from and continue to do so for years to come.

Taught using examples from the Quraan, hadeeth and common Arabic words, this series is a must for those who wish to take their Arabic to the next level or for those who simply have a love for the language.

Some of the key concepts covered:

  • Big words come from small words
  • When words share letters they share meanings
  • An increase in a word’s letters results in an increase in its meaning
  • The differences between nouns and verbs and their purposes
  • How to identify nouns and verbs
  • The various degrees and levels of words
  • Origin/source words and their purposes
  • How to express exaggeration and excessiveness

LESSON # 1 : The Meaning of Al-Arabiyyah

Wk 1 – The Meaning of Al-Arabiyyah

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LESSON # 2 : Big Words Come From Small Words

Wk 2 – Big words from small words

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LESSON # 3 : The Properties & Purpose of Names & Nouns

Wk 3 – Objective of Nouns 

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LESSON # 4 : Examples of the Ism (Names & Nouns)

Wk 4 – Examples of Nouns

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