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09th Oct2015

Myths | Stories | Events around Karbala Exposed.. by Sheykh Meraj Rabbani

Sheykh in his usual aggressive style provides the actual background of the Event of Karbala from the books of Ahlul Sunnah and from the books of Shiites.

08th Jul2014

Quran Kareem ki Fazilat | Virtues of Quran | Shaykh Hafiz Abdul Azeem

Sheykh first starts with detailing the virtues of Quran and then elaborates to implement the commandments given by Quran in Muslim's lives rather than only focusing on its recitation. He then informs about the evil tidings given by Quran who act contrary to what Qur'an commands and ordains

29th Mar2014

Munkar-e-Hadeeth is Infact Munkar-e-Quran – by Shaykh Tawseef ur Rehman

Shaykh explains about those deviated individuals / groups that exist within Muslims today in the guise of Islam who change the meaning of the Qur'an, and reject Ahadeeth to suit their extreme whims and desires.

24th Feb2014

Taqdeer (Qadar) Par Eeman – by Shaykh Abdul Haadi Abdul Khaliq

Shayh delivers an abridged talk on the last pillar of the 6 pillars of Eeman, the Qadar (Taqdeer) by providing the meaning of believing in it, its levels and its virtues in a very good easy to understand way

18th Feb2014

Qayamat kay Din Nakami kay Asbab – By Sheykh Tawseef ur Rehman Rashidi

Shaykh explains the reasons of being unsuccessful on the day of judgement, watch, take heed and share with your loved ones

24th Jan2014

Haqiqat-e-Waseela::شیخ عطاء الرحمن سعیدی وشیخ عبدالہادی حفظہما اللہ

Shaykh explains the definition, types, halal and haram waseela, and it's reality of usage in Qur'an. A Must watch for Urdu viewers !

09th Jan2014

Analysis of the evidences given for celebrating Eid Milaad un Nabi – by Sheykh Tauseef ur Rehman

Sheykh provides detailed analysis and refutes evidences given in favor of celebrating Eid Milaad un Nabi.

05th Jan2014

The History of the Prophet’s mosque – 6 Parts [Urdu version]

The original "Urdu version" of the history of the prophet's mosque obtained by us from one of the Museums in Madinah

06th Dec2013

Mah-e-Safar aur Maujooda Musalman – By Shaykh Abdul Majeed

Most of the Muslims who claim to be under the banner of Ahlu Sunnah Wa Al Jamaa't, consider the month of Safar as a "bad luck month" by following fabricated, and superstitious narrations....

10th Nov2013

Who is Yazeed bin Muawiya يزيد بن معاوية … By Sheykh Maqsood al Hassan Faizi

Sheykh provides the Ahlul Sunnah Wa 'Al Jama' perspective about Yazeed Ibn Muawiya (May Allah be pleased with him)