24th Dec2014

What did Jesus Really Say

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Author: Misha’al Ibn Abdullah al-Kadhi

Extract from the Book (The Goal):

The goal of this book is simple: To exhibit irrefutable tangible proof that mankind is guilty of tampering with the religion of Jesus (peace be upon him) after his departure. Fourteen hundred years ago, the holy book of the Muslims, the Qur’an, was sent down upon the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) by God informing him that mankind had dared to change the religion of God which He sent down upon Jesus, Moses, and the previous prophets (peace be upon them all). It has taken close to two thousand years for Christianity to recognize this as a known fact. Today, you would be hard pressed to find a single scholar of Christianity who does not readily acknowledge this as a true scientific fact (A minority of the most adamant conservatives will always be the exception). The evidence is simply too overwhelming to ignore.

In this book it will be demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt (by God’s will), through the words of the Bible and some of history’s most eminent Biblical scholars and references only, how most of the founding beliefs of Christianity today were indeed fabricated by mankind after the departure of Jesus (pbuh) and that Jesus (pbuh) himself never had anything whatsoever to do with them. These beliefs include:

  • The “trinity.”
  • The claim that Jesus (pbuh) is the physical son of God.
  • The “original sin” of Adam which mankind is alleged to have inherited.
  • The “atonement,” or death of Jesus (pbuh) on the cross in order to erase this sin of Adam.
  • The “incarnation” of God in the form of a human being, namely, Jesus (peace be upon him).

It will further be demonstrated that the true message of Jesus (pbuh) was:

  • That God is one God. He is indivisible. He has no equal.
  • God has no children nor parents. There is no other God in existence other than God Himself.
  • Jesus (pbuh) was a human being. He was not a God, but only an elect messenger of God.
  • God does not hold anyone responsible for the sin of anyone else.
  • God does not give preference to a certain race, color, nation, lineage or anything else above any other. Only a person’s individual actions and worship will distinguish them in the eyes of God.
  • No human being can bear the sin of any other.
  • God is a merciful god who bestows His forgiveness without a price or asking for any compensation.

This book goes back to the arguments of the original apostles that for every era was sent an apostle by god to the mankind to bring them back to the Fitrah (originality) upon which they were created. We will start with the “Trinity” and work our way backwards through history. We will see that there is absolutely no basis whatsoever for the “trinity” in the Bible. Once the “trinity” has been disproved we will see how the rest of these fabricated beliefs will unravel one by one till we return to the original teaching of Jesus (pbuh). All of this will be done in chapter one.  After that, it will be demonstrated how Muhammad (pbuh) was indeed prophesied by both Jesus (pbuh) and the previous prophets, as claimed in the Qur’an over 1400 years ago. We pray you will find this information illuminating.

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