15th May2021

The effort to make the Holy city of Quds a Jewish State

The author has highlighted in detail the effort to make Quds a Jewish state in the light of Quranic and hadeeth, documental, and Statistical references.

17th Apr2021

Ramadan Daily GEMS

Daily Short talks given by Shaykh in Ramadan of 1434H - 2013.

30th Dec2020

The principle of Certainty (Yaqeen)- by Sheikh Abu Adnan

Sheikh builds the discussion on faith versus Imaan and its foundation on the principle of certainty (Yaqeen)

02nd May2020

Islamic Lessons and Rulings Pertaining to the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

This book of rulings and lessons written at a very short notice by Shaykh Khalid, is in response to the escalating effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

02nd May2020

The Message of The Quran in 30 Lessons – Sheikh Yasir Qadhi

Sheikh summarises the entire message of the Quran, in 30 lessons especially to those who have never really read the Quran before. Goal after listening to every lesson is to enable readers to then read the entire juz (para) themselves.

15th Mar2020

TheDeenShowTV – Islamic TV Show

Beautiful and amazing reminders from this awesome Islamic TV show.

14th Mar2020

Seven Lessons from the Crises of Coronavirus (COVID-19) | Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi

Shaykh derives thought-provoking lessons from the current developing situation around the world due to Coronavirus

12th Oct2019

The Story of the Companions | Abu Bakr Zoud

Inspirational and beautiful lessons learnt from the lives of some of the selected companions of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)

31st Jul2019

Best of Days Series (updated) | Sheikh Abu Bakr Zoud

Inspirational and beautiful reminders from Sheikh Abu Bakr Zoud in relation to the first Ten days of the Dhul Hijjah, the best of the days.

22nd Apr2019

Understanding Islam with Two White Muslims

Islam made Easy!  This page is especially for our non-Muslim brothers and sisters in humanity who would like to know about Islam, or have misconceptions about Islam.